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The GRIT Gets Going

GRIT award winner Cherie Fuller

We’ve all found ourselves in Cherie Fuller’s shoes. Passionate about our job and company, and envisioning a better way to achieve greater business impact. Do we take a risk, do our homework, plot a new course, get going, and pitch it to leadership? Or, do we think up a great plan, but only play out the presentation in our head? Or, even worse, do we just say “oh well?”

The Source of Cherie’s GRIT – A “Let’s GO” Approach

“When others say ‘oh well’, Cherie says ‘let’s go’.”  Cherie Fuller’s let’s go approach is what led to her nomination for Experience Energy’s GRIT Awards.  At a fundamental level, that’s what makes her different and gives her grit, according to her EDF Trading North America nominator.

A 20-year veteran of the wholesale and retail energy industry, Cherie’s growth trajectory from being an assistant at Dynegy to a Vice President at EDF Energy Services is directly tied to her ability to take a step back during a time of stress or conflict and take a strategic view of her role, the organization, and the world around her.  That, in a nutshell, is what makes Cherie Fuller gritty.

Cherie is a connector and communicator.

Asked what the most rewarding part of her career has been, Cherie says “hands down” it’s the people she’s worked with and the relationships she has made.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with incredibly smart, dynamic, team-focused problem solvers and it’s been fantastic. I strive to embody the best “bits” of those peers who have shaped me along the way. 

It is Cherie’s ability to get her point across, build trust and forge relationships that helped earn her a GRIT Award nomination.

She excels at connection.  From connecting the dots to solve a problem, connecting with peers to build a working relationship, or connecting with people as a friend or advocate, Cherie excels,” said her nominator.

Bloom where you are planted.

A fixture in numerous efforts to help attract, promote, and celebrate women to and within the energy sector, Cherie often finds strength in a comment from a friend and mentor who recently passed away.

“I was struggling to figure out where and how I could make a difference while maintaining work/life balance and she said ‘Cherie – bloom where you are planted.’”

We can so often be distracted by focusing too much on what we aren’t doing and where we aren’t helping that it’s easy to forget we can flourish right where we are.

As she shares her passion for helping women in the energy industry, Cherie says, “I’m blooming.”

Where to next?

Cherie serves on the Gulf Coast Power emPOWERing Women’s Committee, managing networking events for women industry executives and Texas A&M economics students, and helping with fundraising events that benefit the emPOWERing Women scholarship fund.

Most recently, Cherie is seeking to formalize an EDF North American Women’s Network to facilitate the professional development of talented women within the organization with coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities as well as hosting workshops, lunch and learns, and other collaborative events. This year she hosted a panel of executive women during an International Women’s Day event held at EDF.

Cherie – we applaud you and your accomplishments.  Your GRIT is truly an inspiration.

GRIT award winner Cherie Fuller

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