Judging| How it works

The Judging Process

We believe in meritocracy.  To achieve that, we have created a process to remove as much bias as we can from the decision making.  We recognize this process is not perfect and welcome feedback.

We put out our initial call for nominations. People get excited, and our inboxes fill up. We love it!  We see all sorts of nominations come in: bosses recommending employees, colleagues recommending each other, members of the community recognizing incredible individuals, and we even see some people throwing their own names into the hat. We collect them all, and we marinate in their awesomeness, reviewing each candidate closely here in house.

Our editorial team deliberates, and we decide which candidates become finalists by evaluating the nomination letters and candidate’s CV/resume. We announce the finalists via press release.

Once we have our selection of finalists, we use the applications the nominees provide and strip everything. The only thing that gets passed along to our external panel of judges is an encrypted application to avoid any possible bias. We remove any qualifying information such as name, company, photographs, LinkedIn profiles, and gender data. And at this stage, the application the nominee completes carries all of the weight. Now, the only category in which any qualifying data is known is the male champions category for obvious reasons.

The judges then decide, announcing the winners live in person and online on Facebook streaming. We send a press kit to each winner to use on social media and then work with each winner to tell their story


  • Dates for the 2020 Session Are Coming Soon
  • Nominations open: March 2020
  • All applications are due: Mid-July 2020
  • Finalists announced: Early September 2020
  • Winners announced live: October 2020

Other Questions

These are awards are open to all global energy professionals in oil and gas, power/utilities, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, coal, and other forms of energy.  They are open to academic, private sector and public sector professionals.  

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.  For individual applications, the applications will be stripped of all identifying information to eliminate bias. Nominees will be evaluated based on professional accomplishments, personal philanthropic efforts and other qualities you define in the nomination. All honorees and finalists will be recognized at the GRIT Awards on October 10, 2019 and online through social media.

When Experience Energy launched the inaugural GRIT Awards in 2018, the response was overwhelming. More than 400 applications poured in from North America, The United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. Over 500 people attended our celebration live in Houston, and 74,000 tuned in online. We have no magic number for those we award.  We aim to bring a diverse set of applicants forward.