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Rodney Williams says, “Connect with industry professionals.”

Rodney Williams offers advice on diversity and inclusion in energy. Gastech on Experience Energy.

Rodney Williams, Lead Project Manager with National Grid, is the final of seven industry leaders featured in Gastech Insight’s Diversity & Inclusion in Energy eBook. Each of these leaders has offered practical and inspiring advice for progressing diversity and inclusion within global energy companies.

Advice from Rodney Williams

For those looking to join the industry, I’d encourage you to network with professionals currently in the industry. Connect with professionals online, attend industry events and look for opportunities to help get your foot in the door.

I’ve worked for National Grid since 2011 and I’m a Lead Project Manager in the Capital Delivery department.

From a young age, I’ve always had an interest in STEM, and it’s something that still drives me today in my current role. I first noticed a lack of BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) diversity in this field whilst studying science at University and once again upon entering the engineering industry. As a BAME person in this field, I am highly motivated to bring about change by encouraging greater diversity.

I am actively involved in employee volunteering and a firm believer in the power of grass roots advocacy. National Grid is made up of diverse aspiring talent and I am keen to support these individuals in my role as lead for ‘ONE’, the multicultural employee resource group (ERG).

The ERG works to ensure they are supported, encouraged and engaged whilst also making sure that the value of diversity is being celebrated. I’m also intent on making sure our role models at National Grid have a platform to inspire the next generation of diverse engineers and demonstrate that we can all reach our full potential.

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