Nomination & Application Process

Business is about people.

And we believe that business is better when we think deeply about who we are, where we are going, and our impact on humanity. Until now, in the energy industry, we haven’t told our story very well. It’s time to change that. And it’s time to recognize the companies that are making a difference – those that are designing a culture that supports diversity and connects people to the beliefs and mindsets that will take our industry to the 22nd Century and beyond. It’s time to tell their stories. 

The GRIT Awards℠ and Best Energy Workplaces℠ are given to the best of the best in our industry.Those who lead by example and show others that anything is possible. We believe there are “gritty” individuals, teams, affinity groups and workplaces in every level and sector of our industry, and we need your help finding them. Nominate in one of the many categories below.


Individual GRIT Awards may go to any person who has demonstrated growth, resilience, innovation and talent in the workplace in a leadership, technical, or any other type of industry role.  They have accepted challenges, learned from them, and developed new and creative ways to solve problems. They show up each day, do their best, and inspire others to do the same. Nominate an individual.

There’s no question about it, data has proven that diversity and inclusion start at the top. If leadership does not value D&I, then it’s impossible to build a corporate culture that does. Fortunately, there are executives who have made D&I a priority at their companies and it is time to recognize them. This award goes to those executives who empower and inspire those that they lead. Nominate an executive.

Our industry was started by entrepreneurs – wildcatters and mavericks who risked their lives to build something for future generations. Although many of these companies have grown into large corporations, the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well in our industry. This GRIT award goes to modern day mavericks who have stepped out of their comfort zone with resilience and strength to bring something new to our industry. Nominate an entrepreneur.

To qualify for a team GRIT Award, we are looking for groups, teams, affinity organizations and associations who recognize the value of collaboration and inclusion. They support diversity while achieving tremendous success collectively for their company or the industry.  Perhaps it’s an initiative or something bold they do to improve the workforce?  They embrace inclusion and use it to their advantage to problem-solve and generate new and innovative solutions.  Nominate a team / group/ network /association here.

An ALLY GRIT Award goes to those allies who have made it their mission to embrace inclusion. They see and appreciate talent in its various forms, and they inspire those around them to pursue their goals and ambitions. Allies are intentional with their words and actions, and they lead by example. They are advocates for ALL types of talent in the energy industry.  Nominate a male champion.

For the first time, we are recognizing companies in the energy industry that are making a difference. A Best Energy Workplace Award goes to those companies that are designing a culture of the future. One that supports diversity and connects people to the beliefs and mindsets that will take our industry to the 22nd Century and beyond. We believe that it’s time to tell their stories. From startups to enterprise companies (and everything in between), it is time to recognize the true difference makers. Nominate a workplace.


  • Nominations open: Tuesday July 14, 2020
  • Nominations end: Friday July 31, 2020
  • Applications due: Friday August 14, 2020
  • Finalists announced: Tuesday September 8, 2020
  • Winners announced live: Tuesday October 13, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

These are awards are open to all global energy professionals in oil and gas, power/utilities, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, coal, and other forms of energy.  They are open to academic, private sector and public sector professionals.  

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.  For individual applications, the applications will be stripped of all identifying information to eliminate bias. Nominees will be evaluated based on professional accomplishments, personal philanthropic efforts and other qualities you define in the nomination. All honorees and finalists will be recognized at the GRIT Awards on October 13, 2020 and online through social media.

When Experience Energy launched the inaugural GRIT Awards in 2018, the response was overwhelming. More than 400 applications poured in from North America, The United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. Over 500 people attended our celebration live in Houston, and 74,000 tuned in online. We have no magic number for those we award.  We aim to bring a diverse set of applicants forward.