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Kevin Edwards says “Develop key skills.”

Kevin Edwards gives advice in the Gastech Diversity and Inclusion ebook on Experience Energy

The energy industry is changing. Diversity and inclusion are taking a front seat in many companies and conferences, including Gastech, coming soon on September 17-19, 2019, which includes a Diversity and Inclusion programme. How does change happen? By seeking advice from energy leaders like Kevin Edwards then implementing it – individually and globally.

Advice from Kevin Edwards

Edwards is the Global Manager of Diversity & Inclusion with Bechtel. In Gastech Insight’s Diversity & Inclusion ebook, he says this:

Develop key skills to become top candidates for Engineering and Construction companies, such as leadership development (leading roles within organisations); research and group project/ capstone experience that demonstrates the ability to work in teams, multi-task and solve complex issues and/or gain relevant work experience through internships!

At Bechtel, we work to build a diverse and inclusive culture, and leverage the input and experience of our global team. Diversity is a key input to high-quality decision-making, which is the cornerstone of our governance. Colleagues at all levels are encouraged to understand differences as well as respect what each person uniquely brings to the company. We also strive to be inclusive, ensuring everyone is welcomed meaningfully into Bechtel’s culture while retaining his or her unique qualities.

Bechtel’s three to five-year D&I strategy and plan lays out the path for us to create a diverse and inclusive culture, where every team member feels valued, respected and that they belong. As a global organisation, our people must reflect the world around us, and the customers and communities we serve. Companies that embrace D&I are performance leaders and make better decisions, resulting in stronger financial performance, better and faster innovation, market growth, and an authentic connection with their communities and customers.

We are committed to investing in our people and develop diverse leadership to meet our enterprise needs while delivering outstanding results for our customers.

In addition, our Business Resource Groups, including Women @ Bechtel, Bechtel Community for Service Veterans, Reservists & Friends of the Military, Next Generation Group as well as our Diversity Advisory Council, provide another formal channel for our talent to engage and help support our diversity and inclusion efforts.

More from Diversity & Inclusion in Energy

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