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Heather Cykoski says “Find your passion and write the future.”

Diversity & Inclusion in Energy Gastech eBook featuring Heather Cykoski on Experience Energy

Gastech 2019 is not just the world’s biggest gathering of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and energy professionals. It also features the Diversity & Inclusion in Energy program that seeks to change the traditional face of the energy industry. Gastech has compiled the Diversity and Inclusion in Energy eBook to explore the evolving energy industry and highlight key advice from energy leaders for progressing diversity and inclusion within global energy companies.

Advice from Heather Cykoski

First up, we hear from Heather Cykoski, Group Vice President at ABB, who says:

Find your passion and make sure it’s yours. It’s tempting to do things for others. But find your passion and it will ignite your strengths and show you where to specialise. Critically, it will also feed you when times are tough.”

As a teenager, I sought out a tough path to make myself stronger. If you’re in a minority, you have experiences and knowledge that others don’t, and that gives you an edge. Texas in the 1980s had a strong ‘good old boy’ culture, so I chose a career in industrial engineering, the most male-dominated field I could find. I was confident I could bring something different to it as a woman.

I went on to become the first female Global Account Executive at ABB and afterward leading ABB Group Strategic Investments all over the world. One of the most rewarding was a $24 billion project in Saudi Arabia to build the world’s largest petrochemical complex ever constructed in a single phase.

Today, I manage the global business across the engineering, procurement and construction market and I truly believe that when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, we are all ambassadors. Young people are making the changes they want to see and calling for more. And it’s our responsibility as leaders to push as far as we can.

At ABB we have a clear strategy in place and if we each drive change day to day, we will achieve more than we thought possible. When a new idea emerges from a minority voice on the team, when we’re thinking about who to lead our key business, or who should lead a specific initiative, there are opportunities to be inclusive. So, let’s take them. Let’s write the future, together.

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