Running with Energy

Editor’s Note: Margaret Hofmann, our intern had a great summer at Pink Petro.  In this piece, she looks at her best and challenging moments as

voice of customer business to business

The Importance of the Customer’s Voice

By: Melissa Leon, Sr. Solutions Consultant, Energy Vertical for Medallia  In today’s environment, surveys are everywhere. You receive them from airlines, restaurants, grocery stores, and

Tsunami of Change

Change is inevitable and it’s on its way like a tsunami.    What do coal, oil, gas, wind, solar, thermal, and cosmic have in common? 


Invisible Opportunities

Experience Energy would like to shine a spotlight on one of the aspects to industry culture that often goes unnoticed: job postings. In a recent

People, Passion, and Purpose

People, Passion, and Purpose At the heart of it are people. We call this P3: People, Passion and Purpose.Energy is about the talent that powers

Equality, Environment and Economy

Energy 2.0 is about the convergence of E3. Energy 2.0 is a manifesto we wrote with our partners at Gaping Void.  We know we need more

Rewriting Energy

Creator of The Great Rewrite, Leonard Brody is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and best-selling author. KPMG partnered with Brody and Forbes to bring The