Running with Energy

Margaret Hofmann shares her internship in the energy industry compared to her track experience

Editor’s Note: Margaret Hofmann, our intern had a great summer at Pink Petro.  In this piece, she looks at her best and challenging moments as a track runner and provides an insight on how work, life and the miles she’ s put in have grown her.  We’ll miss Margaret and wish her well in her final year at Texas A&M.

My personal best

In high school I was running in a track meet that was behind on schedule. So, they merged the girls and boys mile into one race. 

That was the day I broke a 6 minute mile. 

I was running with people who were pushing me to be better… and I dropped 20 seconds.

The past 90 days interning for Pink Petro have been exactly like running that mile: fast! 

The first couple weeks were like the first lap of a mile, a strong stride with a lot of adrenaline. 

I had the opportunity to meet people, visit places, and contribute in ways that I never anticipated from this internship. 

Right from the start on my first day, I wrote CEO Katie Mehnert’s speaking notes that she used the next day at the WINDPOWER+ Conference. I had the opportunity to attend with her, cover social media, and learn from great speakers.

Next thing I know, I find myself at Enbridge watching Katie play a match of ping pong with CIO Bhushan Ivaturi in their new innovation lab. Mr. Ivaturi met us face to face in the lobby and gave us a tour. 

The wall

If you are familiar with running terms there is one that all runners dread: the wall. 

The wall is when lactic acid begins to fire in your legs and your feet become bricks. Our anatomy is built in the way where in order for our muscles to grow stronger they must first be broken down. This painfully awful moment is ironically where growth happens. Funny how life works that way, huh? 

I learned that hitting “the wall” happens just as much in business as it does in running.  

From website crashes to last minute changes and deadlines, there was a whirlwind of reactionary circumstances. 

When you are tired, sweaty, and on the last lap that is when true priorities surface. The cheering and the crowd slips away.

There is one focus and that is the finish line. 

When Pink Petro was faced with a dilemma, we got focused, buckled down and crossed that finish line. These unfortunate bumps in the road allowed me more responsibility; and with more responsibility comes more accountability. 

Coming from a high school with no track, the beginning of college as a walk-on track and field runner was parallel to this internship experience. My enthusiasm and willingness to learn didn’t exempt the growing pains in either circumstance. 

As I gained more and more experience through contributing to the weekly newsletter, the Chevron Returnship Campaign, or manning a booth at ConocoPhillips, I gained confidence in my ability to improve with each passing day. 

Thrown in the deep end, I learned, adapted, and overcame… fast. 

Be confident

My advice for interns entering a new position is to go in open minded.

Do not be afraid to “not know.” 

Have the mindset that you are not going to know everything and when you do encounter something new: don’t be afraid to ask. 

Be confident in the fact that it is okay to not know, because that is how you learn. 

One of my favorite pieces of advice that CEO Katie Mehnert gave was that it is okay to mess up, but learn from it and don’t make the same mistake twice. 

Honestly, out of all of these learning experiences this article has been the hardest, because I had to talk about myself. 

However, I realized that is what Pink Petro and Experience Energy is all about. We are about giving you a voice and the opportunity to run your race. 

Tsunami of Change

Change is inevitable and it’s on its way like a tsunami.   

What do coal, oil, gas, wind, solar, thermal, and cosmic have in common?  Energy. 

Energy is everywhere and used by everyone. 

Together, with a unified vision for the future, we can stand the momentum of the tsunami of change. 


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