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Audrey Murrell says “Learn from influencers.”

Audrey Murrell offers advice for diversity and inclusion in energy, Gastech on Experience Energy

Gastech, the world’s biggest gathering of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and energy professionals, hasn’t been held in Houston since 2000 and a lot has changed in the Energy Capital since then. For example, diversity and inclusion are now at the forefront of the energy industry with more and more companies realizing their critical importance to innovation, growth and success. Gastech 2019 includes a special Diversity & Inclusion in Energy program and Gastech Insights has prepared a Diversity and Inclusion in Energy eBook with advice from seven industry leaders, including Audrey Murrell, with the aim of changing the traditional face of the energy industry.

Advice from Audrey Murrell

Audrey Murrell, Professor & Associate Dean of University of Pittsburgh, says,

We should not only celebrate influencers throughout our journeys, we should learn from them.

A great deal has been written about the different pathways and barriers to advancement into positions of influence faced by women and people of colour. Gastech approaching has prompted me to reflect on the invaluable lessons I learned about diversity and inclusion based on my own journey.

Lesson 1

Don’t be surprised by the different pathways one takes to leadership. Research shows that women and people of colour often must navigate through a tricky labyrinth of obstacles and obstructions. This labyrinth represents the unique journey that diverse leaders must take. In this environment, unexpected turns and detours should not be seen as failures but as preparation pathways for success.

Lesson 2

It’s important to be a tireless advocate for diversity and inclusion. Research shows that diversity benefits organisations and their stakeholders in measurable ways that affect the bottom line. Diverse representation on boards of directors is positively related to organisational effectiveness and different leadership perspectives often have a dramatic impact on increasing diversity and inclusion, both in representation and in overall workplace climate.

Lesson 3

Effective leaders must choose humility over hubris. The high impact leaders I have worked with model humbleness in their actions and create environments grounded in respect, tolerance, and outcomes that are mutually beneficial for the people and for the organisation. These influential leaders are strong role models who radiate positivity and create an upward spiral that elevates positive behaviour in others. These three powerful lessons in leadership came from many amazing and diverse leaders across all different sectors, demographics, industries, generations and workplace positions. These impactful leaders didn’t cultivate status and resources for their own gain; they leveraged their power and networks in support of others. Their influence has done nothing less than shape my view and practice across my various leadership roles.

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